How long does the initial setup and onboarding take?

The service is available 1 to 2 weeks after our team receives the web application, data and configuration.

What happens if traffic exceeds my service agreement?

Blowfish adjusts the IT architecture automatically so that your site is able to meet demand, no matter the changes. In order to keep you informed, we send e-mail notifications every time an adjustment occurs.

What’s the cost if traffic exceeds my service agreement?

At the end of each period we will invoice you an amount equivalent to a one-week plan -at least- according to the fluctuation of demand (pay as you go). When traffic decreases, your Blowfish architecture will return to its original size automatically, without any further request.

Do I need to let you know if we plan to run a marketing campaign?

No, you don’t. You just need to worry about your business. When our platform identifies a sustained growth in traffic and/or an increase of 70% approximately in resource consumption, your cloud will grow automatically to avoid interruptions or loss of performance.

What Cloud provider does Blowfish use?

Our virtual server providers are companies with the highest availability and performance levels worldwide such as Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine. Our partners make available automatic mechanisms for the provision of equipment that -integrated to Blowfish- allow us to offer value solutions with international quality standards.

What industries are best suited for the Blowfish platform?

Any industry can take advantage of Blowfish’s benefits but industries whose main business focus is the online or digital channel are the ones for which we can add enormous value. These include media (newspapers, magazines, blogs, tv, radio), retail and ecommerce, entertainment (shows, gaming, video content) tourism and transportation, technology, internet of things (ioT), web application development, insurance, and communication agencies (online marketing, advertising, PR, design, etc.), among others.

What happens if I want to cancel the Blowfish service?

We really hope this doesn’t happen! But if you decide to cancel the service, the good news is that the virtualization process of your web applications allows you to move them easily to any other virtual cloud, in the same conditions they were operating on Blowfish.

How much RAM memory and processors (CPU) am I hiring?

Our approach to these parameters is not that strict as our focus is on performance and availability for your cloud architecture. If you wish to know how the cloud is composed, you can check our technical specifications.

How many VPS servers are there in my cloud?

The architecture demands a combination of different features for each level of service. To learn more about these features please check our technical specifications

What’s a Cloud Computing service?

These are IT services provided from the Internet. There are different types and models of services, but their main characteristic is that they are digital services not physically hosted on a client.

How can cloud services help marketing campaigns?

A marketing campaign is always expected to generate fluctuations in traffic, however it is sometimes hard to estimate these changes as external factors such as offline campaigns, opinion makers, viral content, etc. may influence on users’ behaviour. Blowfish has the capability to adapt to any of these changes ensuring your web service will not be affected by an unexpected increase in traffic after a successful campaign. The good news is that once the campaign is finished, and traffic is stable again Blowfish automatically resets the cloud to its original size.

What’s application virtualization?

This is the IT practice focused on isolating the “application’s logic” of an OS. The goal is for web applications to achieve independence so that they can work isolated from the environment where they run. In this way we can manage or “orchestrate” web applications automatically between environments and servers.