Blowfish automatically adapts the infrastructure where your application is running to traffic demand, orchestrating digital architecture changes.

adapta automáticamente la infraestructura

Cloud Elástico


Accelerate performance. Boost sales. Increase scalability. Wipe out costs..

High traffic applications

BLOWFISH transforms recurring and fixed IT costs into variable costs, based on your own web applications’ usage demand.

This innovative architectural elasticity is a unique breakthrough in PaaS (Platform as a Service) cloud services that gives your business the power to operate high traffic applications without costly web-technology consultancies or IT professionals dedicated to DevOps.

Blowfish Autoscaling

Autoscaling horizontal

Horizontal autoscaling

We provide the technical know-how and servers to virtualize web applications in a scalable cloud environment. Blowfish incorporates cloud-based autoscaling algorithms that can expand or compress both the IT architecture and server characteristics for your web applications according to traffic demand.



Enables savings in hosting, cloud configuration, IT management or DevOps, hardware provisioning, etc.

Avoids unnecessary expenses as a result of the usual IT over-sizing.

Mitigates initial costs associated with assembling the IT infrastructure for high-traffic environments.


Reduces maintenance costs (OPEX) given its integrated PaaS service nature, hardware costs, and professional services delivery.

Decreases capital investments (CAPEX) enabling the organization to acquire less infrastructure hardware.

Transforms fixed costs (team structure, hardware, backups, business continuity plans, etc.) into variables according to demand.

Marketing & Performance

Improves your web application performance and the continuity of your online business.

Simplifies the posting of your web application in an advanced cloud computing environment without the need of an IT team or an outsourced IT services firm.

Increases cloud stability, even during unexpected traffic spikes resulting from product launches or difficult-to-forecast campaigns that generate traffic fluctuations.


Allows organizations to focus 100% on their business, saving valuable time on IT management tasks for those that have an IT or DevOps team in place.

Incorporates the most modern IT architecture orchestration tools to a service with competitive value.

Solves problems caused by services provided by multiple vendors working on a single assignment, as well as the overlapping of functions among different teams.

Our business model is based on demand.
You just pay for your cloud usage.



U$S 650 /mo.

Up to 50,000

U$S 0,009 / pageviews



Business web applications and startups


U$S 1,100 /mo.

Up to 100,000

U$S 0,0035 / pageviews



Well-established websites, e-commerce and mobile apps


U$S 2,500 /mo.

Up to 500,000

U$S 0,0025 / pageviews



Online communities and corporate web applications with high traffic

X Large

U$S 3,500 /mo.

Up to 1,000,000

U$S 0,0025 / pageviews



Publishers, agencies and software factories

For applications exceeding 1M pageviews we can help too. Contact Us

For technical specs for each plan click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if traffic exceeds my service agreement?

We know your web application is an important part of your business, with Blowfish we can assure it’ll continue working flawlessly, even when traffic exceeds your average page views. Blowfish adjusts the IT architecture automatically so that your site is able to meet demand, no matter the changes. In order to keep you informed, we send e-mail notifications every time an adjustment occurs.

What’s the cost if traffic exceeds my service agreement?

At the end of each period we will invoice you an amount equivalent to a one-week plan -at least- according to the fluctuation of demand (pay as you go).
When traffic decreases, your Blowfish architecture will return to its original size automatically, without any further request.

How much will the initial configuration of my application cost?

Zero. When you sign up with Blowfish both the initial configuration and onboarding of your web application on the cloud platform are included in the cost of the service. This process may take 1 to 2 weeks to start operating with all the Blowfish advantages.

Do I need to look for an additional cloud provider?

Not at all. Blowfish works with a number of leading providers in the cloud market so you’ll just be invoiced for the service you signed up for which includes hardware and all Blowfish advantages. Check our Pricing here.
In case you wish to work with a specific cloud provider, please contact us!

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